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Alien Anthropologists

United States
Runtime 25:22
Completion Date: December 17, 2017
Sci-Fi, Romance, comedy

Alien Anthropologists is a Romantic Comedy/Sci-Fi/Political Farce set in Washington D.C. Think SNL does Mr. Smith goes to Washington. The 25 minute short film submitted to festivals is presented as if it were an episode (Episode III – Zeno, Altars Replacement) from a series. As the episode opens, Zeno, an Alien Anthropologist, has been sent to earth to replace his predecessor, Altar who was returned to the home planet after suffering a nervous breakdown from having to observe humanity up close. On arrival Alien Supervisor, explains to Zeno his duties and responsibilities which include the admonition that he has been sent to Earth only as objective observer of humanity’s ultimate destruction. Zeno’s initial assignment on Planet Earth is to observe Jack Wilson – newly elected to the Senate, since, as Alien Supervisor explains “… [Wilson] appears to be a genuinely honest human being – something we have never seen before in their political class.” Through a surprise twist, Zeno begins to help Jack much to the chagrin of Alien Supervisor who is determined to have Zeno decommissioned and sent back for violation of the “primary command” that nothing be done which might “… alter the natural evolutionary course of human history” and thus the trouble begins.


Director Biography - ROBERT KIRK

Robert’s interest in film making and commentary is informed by his background in government. Though his father (a presidential appointee) worked for the federal government, Mr. Kirk served at the local level as a county prosecutor. At the time of his retirement, Mr. Kirk was the Supervisor of the Gang & Homicide Units for the Southwest part of the county in which he worked. Prior to law school he studied film making at the University of California at Los Angeles graduating magna cum laude.




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