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Friends or Foes.jpg

Writer Tim Quinn
United States
Number of Pages: 105

Against the backdrop of WWII, a German sniper of the AfrikaKorps and a U.S. Combat engineer find themselves the sole survivors of a battle in the North African desert. They must reluctantly join forces to escape a marauding band of desert nomads and the unforgiving desolation of the Sahara desert. During their odyssey, the German relates the destruction of his country due to following their corrupt politicians. He regrets not stopping them before it was too late. It's a specter from the past that sadly parallels many aspects of our society today. The German soon realizes his own government is the real enemy of his people and struggles to find the courage to stop them.

Friends or Foes

Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi.j

Writer Byron Anderson
United States
Number of Pages: 120
Genres: Christian, Action Adventure, Holiday, Religious, Family

Captivated by an extraordinary star, three Persian warrior priests journey along the Silk Road battling evil and struggle with their faith until they are transformed by God on their way to Bethlehem.

Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi

The Haunting of Reactor Five.jpg

Writer Robert Leo Cox
United States
Number of Pages: 111
Genres: Sci-Fi

Anton has a secret. He has the ability to see people and events by touching their personal items or places they’ve been, an ability he hates and fears. When the five-man engineering team Anton worked with is killed by sabotage at a nuclear reactor, odd and frightening occurrences begin to happen, prompting a call to Anton to investigate. Anton must overcome his fear, and with the help of the murdered team, discover the real saboteur.

The Haunting of Reactor Five


Writer Robert Leo Cox
United States
Number of Pages: 108

Alex turns eighteen and decides to go on a camping trip by himself to think about what he wants to do with the next chapter in his life. A week later, he stumbles onto the side of a road, naked and beaten, with a ten-year memory loss due to a concussion. While he is in the hospital, an attempt is made on his life.
Upon arriving home, the ten-year gap in his memory, causes problems with his girlfriend Teri and Best friend Bobby. It’s uncomfortable for him not knowing people and struggles with his memory loss and is impatient to regain it. He finds, however, that he has not lost what he has learned in school, and remarkably finds that he has an aptitude for math and physics he never had before. While Alex is trying to establish a normal life, a shadowy figure follows him, always close by. Alex is unaware of this person’s existence, as his life goes in another direction, with new friends and new interests. This causes Teri to treat him poorly, and Bobby to adapt to the changes in his best friend. On top of this, another attempt is made on his life, which concerns both his parents and the police.
A note is placed on the windshield of his car telling Alex, that he goes to a certain place in the desert, a mountain, that all his memory questions will be answered. When he tells his new friend Diana, she blackmails Alex into taking her.
Arriving at the mountain, they discover a passage inside, into what looks like a laboratory/hospital. The place looks oddly familiar to Alex, and when they enter a room that has a nameplate on the front door with his name on it, a voice comes over the speaker taunting him. When they come face to face with the person who has tried to kill Alex three times, he must fight to regain not only his past but his future as well.



Writer  Robert Cole
Number of Pages: 102
Genres: Historical, Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, LGBT, Comedy

The classic Alexandre Dumas action adventure novel, "The Three Musketeers," ends in 1628.
Thereafter, Aramis goes on to serve God as a Jesuit priest.
Porthos, Athos and the newly commissioned lieutenant d'Artagnan move on with their lives, as well.
The enmity with their number one antagonist Cardinal Richelieu remains.
The malevolent Cardinal sees a chance to get The Musketeers off French soil. His spy intercepts a plea meant for King Louis from Charles de La Falaise requesting urgent help in solving the Zombie crisis on the island colony of Saint-Dominique.
In "The Musketeers and The Zombies," The Cardinal sends The Musketeers on a certain death mission to solve the Zombie crisis in this thrilling all new adventure.

The Musketeers and The Zombies

Drinking Things Clear.jpg

Writer  Michael S.U. Hudson
United Kingdom
Number of Pages: 32

What if you could travel in time, but, only when extremely drunk?
Alex discovered from a young age that he possess such an ability and uses it in the worst possible ways in order to make money.

Drinking Things Clear


Writer  Torikai Fujio
Number of Pages: 228
Genres:Drama, Sci-fi, Fantasy

In the year,Virginia, 20XX,a town regarded as a so-called"paradise for the disabled" is realized through the use of a cell-phone application.However,the origins of that town,planed in Virginia 2019,lay in the misappropriation of a large-scale scientific experiment. Part one of the ensemble piece format Sci-fi,Fantasy,Drama script.
Part Two: The fierce battle between the characters and mythical gods in part one comes to an end, all the mysteries of the scientific experiments are solved, the crimes caused by the misuse of cellphones are uncovered, and peace comes to the modern town dating back from the near future of Virginia, 20XX

Wild Mind Screenplay


Writer  Michael Salomon
United States
Number of Pages: 118
Genres: Drama, War, Revenge

After his family and friends are murdered, my father becomes obsessed with wreaking vengeance on their killers. But even as the cycle of violence continues, he forges new emotional bonds and rediscovers spirituality lost. These stories were told to me by my father, who claimed that they were true.



Writer  Nicholas C G Rothwell
Number of Pages: 104

A rabbi is taken by the vile Nazis to be experimented on by a Nazi doctor. He is tortured until he loses consciousness. In his dreams he and the Nazi doctor duel using avatars.



Writer  Andrea Forrest
United States
Number of Pages: 109

The provenance of a masterpiece leads an art investigator down a path of no return.

Taking Down The Met


Writer  Jessi Thind
Number of Pages: 93

When a woman prepares to attack a Sikh Temple in Oran, Arizona, Kumar has very little time to talk her out of hurting these Sikh Americans. All-American is a riveting, two character drama that examines the relationship between two strangers who are brought together by fate. The story focuses on two very different characters – an older East-Indian man who tries to talk a middle-aged woman out of committing an act of domestic terrorism. As the day progresses both begin to realize they have a lot more in common than they expected.


The Accidental Angel.png

Writer  Oren Weitz
Number of Pages: 99
Genres: Drama, Fantasy

What if 18 year old Daniel finds out that he was born as a human angel?
Daniel is about to learn the truth about his childhood, and find the strength to grow back his wings. All but to realize he was predestined to save the world from a new world war, and to reveal some even darker truths about himself.
Daniel lives in a London suburb with his Mother. An outsider, has only one friend and has two obsessions – angels and Senka, a West-End actress and a national sweetheart. While Europe's major cities are torn apart daily by terrorist bombings, Daniel spends his days working at an antique bookstore and researching the subject of angles. Until one night when all will change as he finds himself the victim of a bombing.

The Accidental Angel


Writer  Omar Hantash
United States
Number of Pages: 61

A domestic and political drama about a Syrian family and how one of the teen sons, Salem, inadvertently starts a civil war by defying his corrupt government after his sick father is refused medical treatment.



Writer  Sherry Barger
United States
Number of Pages: 35

The Crimson Cord* tells the stories of the lives of the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. They were women who if given titles today might be called whore, cursed, barren, refugee, homeless, useless, ignorant, prostitute, destitute, powerless or simply a man’s property. They were ordinary women trying to survive the many challenges of being a female in their time!
Maybe they are noted in the Savior’s lineage to give us all hope. These women foreshadow the kind of people that Jesus came to save. He came from a lineage of sinners to save sinners. Yet, He remained sinless.

The Crimson Cord


Writer  R.S. Thomas
United States
Number of Pages: 120

A 12 y/o multiracial boy's identity seeking odyssey through the racially changing climate of 1961 Boston.

Urban Renewal


Writer  Harish kumar V
Number of Pages: 90
Genres:horror, thriller, suspense, action, teen story

A high school senior finds that his grandfather was a witch hunter and more when he has to face the Witch from past who has come back for revenge.

Trouble Inherited


Writer  Mirza Ekinovic, Zorana Radic
United Kingdom
Number of Pages: 11


Hymns of Abarise - Megan.jpg

Writer  Alex De Luca
United Kingdom
Script Type: Short Script
Number of Pages: 30

Horror, betrayal, forbidden love, torture & revenge! A tale that spans the centuries.

Hymns of Abarise - Megan

Take a 'Pause Out of Crime.jpg

Writer  Mary C. Ferrara
United States
Script Type: Screenplay, Short Script
Genres: action adventure, comedy, romance
Number of Pages: 11

A menopausal woman is gifted a stolen necklace, and a couple of dim-witted criminals want it back. Hot flashes could be hotter than the necklace itself in saving the day.

Take a 'Pause out of Crime

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