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Director Inga Vosk
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:30:00
Completion Date: April 10, 2019
Film Type: Experimental, Feature
Shooting Format: Digital, shot on iPhone !!!

#STEALTH is the first feature of Inga Vosk. It is completely shot on iPhone, but of the highest cinematic quality.

Brief Synopsis:
Cucumber (Vasya) arrives in St Petersburg in search of his brother, Alec. Picked up by Alec's girl, Alla, he is carted around the city, encountering different characters, on a day that will affect all their lives.



#STEALTH is my first feature. It is completely shot on iPhone, but of the highest cinematic quality.

My name is Inga Vosk and I am a filmmaker from St Petersburg, Russia currently living in Los Angeles.
I am a graduate from the St Petersburg High School of Screenwriters and Directors (2012),
- from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles (2015),
- from UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program (2017).

Since 2017 I have been a member of Writers Guild of America, West and The Animation Writers Caucus.

I am fond of cinematography in general and in animation particularly. I write scripts, plays and animation serials.

My scripts made the short and long lists of the most prestigious contest for young writers in Russia. Two of my scripts were shot as short movies. Other scripts of mine have been highly regarded, for example, my script “Leo, The Hero” (animation feature about the Hermitage cats) was in the top 10% of Best Scripts in the BlueCat Screenplay Contest. In the nomination “Best International” I am the only Russian. Now “Leo, The Hero” is on the shortlist of the BlueCat Screenplay Contest.

For the last four years I have been involved in animation projects where I have taken part as a writer and director:
“PingiKroki – Lessons and Karaoke” are educational cartoons for kids, the first Russian animation brand for kids 0-3 years, has become popular on YouTube. It’s now being broadcast on Smart-TV channels and on cable TV.

Since 2018 I'm a director and #STEALTH is my first feature. It's completely shot on iPhone.

Director Biography - Inga Vosk

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