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Director Fernando Irigaray
Runtime  14:00
Completion Date: September 22, 2018

In Rosario, community sports clubs are a rare vortex of present time and history. Over the years, they have survived economic crisis and social outbreaks, but they are still essential gathering places, full of cultural identity, and they even have an inclusive approach for many generations of Rosarinos. De Barrio Somos proposes a transmedia journey through those stories, which are narrated by their most beloved characters. With multiple media resources and technologies, we invite you to pry, explore and find yourself in this extraordinary world of different neighborhoods’ cultures, which are revealed in 360°.
Real life stories

Born in our community | Clubs inside stories in 360º

Off-side Stories about a different type

Director Fernando Irigaray
Runtime  26:00
Completion Date: March 16, 2017

Off-side | Stories about a different type of football takes on the task of narrating football stories and militancy through the network of intimate relationships woven by a player who went through great challenges on his way to professional football in Argentine. In an imaginary court, with players of all ages and t-shirts of all colours, the character of the position ahead will be ready to play the game of his life: the emotions shared with people who understand and love the football of another mode.
Declared of Municipal Interest by Rosario City Council – Decree 48,445. Rosario, 03/16/2017

Off-side | Stories about a different type of football

The Elite 8.jpg

Director Jeryl Parade
United States
Runtime   2:17
Completion Date: January 25, 2019

The Elite 8 are Lane's eight girlfriends from middle school to middle age. The relationships & episodes reflect Lane's journey from math whiz kid to trader on Wall Street to soulful human being.
Each girl or woman is a female archetype. The Elite 8 are:
Stella, The Girl Next Door
Brainiac Haley
Crusader Cerise
Morgan, The Boss
Gia, The Seductress
Anabeth, The Husband Hunter
Waif/Poetess Bliss
Free Spirit Juliette

The Elite 8

Cia Media Network Presents House of Prai

Director   Tony Wright
Runtime   30 min
Completion Date: Jan 2018

Cia Media Presents House of Praise is a web series talk show that brings positivity.

Cia Media Network Presents House of Praise


Director   Bas Goossens
Runtime   10 min
Completion Date: November 12, 2018

IMPACT is a three part series of documentary shorts on how a wish can transform not only the lives of critically ill children, but also their families, supporters and even entire communities.


Playtime's Over.jpg

Director  Alison Balnar
Runtime   8 min
Completion Date: November 12, 2018

A documentary crew follows the creative team at Speary’s Theater, an amateur theater in Hollywood, California. The daily absurdities at this off-beat theater are lead by, Lance Pepperdink, an eccentric, harmlessly deluded and self-proclaimed "creative genius”. From misguided behavior, unconventional methods to bored employees, the camera crew captures the awkward dynamics and bizarre encounters of this lovable group of misfits as they attempt to save the theater.

Playtime's Over

Video travel

A Glimpse of Wonderland.jpg

Director Lam Kam Wah
Hong Kong
Runtime  4:31
Completion Date: October 30, 2018

A Time-lapse Photography journey to the beautiful Slovenia, Croatia & Georgia.


A Glimpse of Wonderland

Paris for one Night.jpg

Director Piero Calicchio
Runtime  2:56
Completion Date: September 30, 2018


Paris for one Night

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