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Stultus Nothi.jpg

United States
Runtime 01:18:00
Completion Date: April 1, 2019

Film Type: Documentary, Experimental
Film Color: Black & White

A audio-visual disquisition on the violence Mexican and El Salvadorian gangs have brought into America. It explores the detrimental effect it is having on America; the erosion of the American way of life and American ideals in California and a few other states in the Union. It openly challenges Hispanics on their refusal to assimilate into American culture and their determination to try and change America to suit their own culture.

Stultus Nothi

Director Biography - PHOENIX QUWAIS.jpg

A proud Angeleno of Los Angeles, Phoenix Quwais grew up in England. A bi-racial child of two worlds with a proud British heritage due to a grandfather that served in the British army during WW2, Quwais draws creative inspiration from his eclectic ethnic heritage and nomadic life that has seen him criss-cross the globe on an odyssey of self-discovery.

A well travelled and astute man, Phoenix Quwais is first and foremost a superfluously talented Screenwriter who is often imitated, but seldom duplicated. He's also an Actor, a Director, an Editor, a DoP, and Producer. He began writing screenplays after seeing the Hugh Laurie film, "Maybe Baby" back in 2001, and that led to a logical progression years later, into Acting and Directing. He made his debut in a short silent film titled, "REVENGE X" back in 2010, before returning to America. Sadly, it would be seven long years before he would follow it up, but he did it in style with his feature film debut, the remarkable neo-noir silent film, "Grenade". In both films the production consisted of a "one-man cast and crew"... Quwais himself. Later in 2017 he wrote, produced, directed and starred in "Subversive". And in 2018 he did the same with Jokes Under A Tree and then Apotheosis. He is currently working on Stultus Nothi, a documentary sequel to Subversive scheduled for 2019.

Quwais has managed to develop accomplished skills as a Filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and DoP, despite the fact that he has never attended any type of formal film school. And with a lifelong obsession for Hollywood and international cinema, Quwais credits Fritz Lang, Goddard, Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurasowa as influences.

A star waiting to shine and in his own narcissistic words, "A Demigod among midgets", Phoenix, like his namesake will rise invictus!

Director Biography - PHOENIX QUWAIS

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